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HD Active Suspension a new hydraulic suspension which can adjust the motorcycle’s ride height to the choice of the rider.

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We will be traveling across Ontario. See this incredible suspension live and active at your door. We are looking to set-up dealers across this land and welcome your input. Never before has one invention changed the industry so dramatically! One unit fits every driver regardless of height!    Finally something I can use each and everyday I ride!

George Thomas - Founder
Concept & Design Cycle

The nature of our business is to design and manufacture a selection of high quality products that responds to the needs of the consumers of today, and of tomorrow.

About Us

˝Necessity is the mother of invention˝… (Platon) And father of entrepreneurship. Heard that one before !

CDC (Concept & Design Cycle) proudly present it’s totally new & unique, fully automated suspension.

The CDC Active Suspension.

This is a major technological advancement for the motorcycle industry. This new concept of active suspension is the result or years of research and development. The result is the application of a new hydraulic suspension which can adjust the motorcycle’s ride height to the choice of the rider.

After hearing many dissatisfied motorcycle owners talking about how much money they had spent trying to adapt their bike to their body type, Georges Thomas (the brains behind CDC) started designing what you see before you.

This revolutionary design is, by far, the best solution to address ride height, comfort & every other concern related to your bike sitting too high for you – bar none!

We offer two models for all touring frames
1996 forward


ALL Models
$3495.00 Canadian Dollars  
Plus Tax + Shipping

To set-up your dealership to install and carry this fantastic product call David Purdy - 416-704-3111 

With the saddlebags installed in the image above, you cannot tell the difference. Everything fits perfectly behind your factory bags - Just as it should :)

HD Suspension represents the CDC ( Concept and Design Cycle ) Line of products. To set up your dealership, or to order your own HD Suspension Kit please call or email me.   We are looking for dealers to take on this incredible product. P.O.P displays available along with 3 folds and Posters. Dealer Incentives.

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