HD Active Suspension - How does it work


The CDC Active Suspension.

This is a major technological advancement for the motorcycle industry. This new concept of active suspension is the result or years of research and development. The result is the application of a new hydraulic suspension which can adjust the motorcycle’s ride height to the choice of the rider.

After hearing many dissatisfied motorcycle owners talking about how much money they had spent trying to adapt their bike to their body type, Georges Thomas (the brains behind CDC) started designing what you see before you.

This revolutionary design is, by far, the best solution to address ride height, comfort & every other concern related to your bike sitting too high for you – bar none!

Introducing: CDC Active Suspension

• Concept and design entirely patented (patent pending)

• Made in North America

• No modifications required

• Totally warrantied and re-buildable

• High quality components throughout

• Durable & high quality finish

• Fully automated

• In automatic mode, CDC’s Active Suspension constantly monitors road speed and adjusts ride height accordingly based on pre-programmed parameters

•Lowers / raises the motorcycle by 2.5” (5,5 cm)

•Very important fact: The bike maintains full suspension travel* no matter the ride height! (*as designed by the OE manufacturer)

•A manual mode is also built-in, allowing you to override the system’s electronic module and maintain your desired ride height for as long as you want

•Simply return to automatic mode by pressing one of the handlebar mounted switch (included with kit)

•Default mode is and always will be automatic. As soon as you cycle the ignition key to ON, it’s in automatic mode, at the lowest position, and ready for you to go for a spin! Mounting the motorcycle is easier, parking and low speed manoeuvres are safer.

•Once the bike reaches 20KMH (approx. 13MPH), the CDC Active Suspension raises the bike to factory ride height, so you don’t have to worry about bottoming out as with other systems.

•Once you slow down below the pre-set speed, the system starts to lower the bike so you can comfortably come to a stop, without having to manually lower the bike: the system does it for you – automatically! Your feet are now planted solidly on the ground.

•A great side benefit to this system: Should you have to perform a hard braking manoeuvre, i.e. locking the rear wheel, since the system will see no vehicle speed, it will start to lower the bike. (remember to always ride safely, anticipate obstacles, follow road signs and maintain control.

•Helps reduce the forward projection of the rider and passenger’s inertia.

•Ride height is lowered so you can put your legs down comfortably

•Reduces ‘nose dive’

•Helps reduce rear wheel hop

•Finally, one last important characteristic of this new design concerns the rebound stroke. A build in hydraulic rebound ‘end of travel damper’ allows for smoother ride through hard dips and holes. Virtually eliminates hard suspension knocks on rebound.

In Conclusion:

• No more air compressor

• No more air leaks

• No more multiple air pressure adjustments

• No more suspension too hard, too soft

• No more suspension bang on rebound

• No more uncomfortable riders (driver or passenger)

VOILÀ: The perfect solution for your ride height and riding needs!
All of this automatically

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ? The need is there, the solution exists, and the invention is done. Invest in your riding pleasure with CDC’s Active Suspension.

Georges Thomas Inventor, president CDC

Please contact David Purdy here for further information.


 Special Pricing for 2014 on all new installs

Ensemble/kit Active Suspension for:

-Road King
-Road Glide
-Street Glide
-Electra Glide
-ALL H-D TOURING MODEL (see below the model choices)
  ‘Touring’ Harley-Davidson

Kit includes

2 complete mounted shocks with full billet aluminum body & quality parts
1 control box (electronics inside)
1 mounted switch with friendly controls and L.E.D (Black or Chrome)
Plug and Play ready with delphi connections
Some instructions and Hardware
and 3 years warranty (some conditions applied)
** For custom application, you can add an extension of 36” to locate the controller on the handlebars.
Come with ‘Delphi’ ‘plug and play’ connectors.
Also for a special application you may contact us to get your kit
with springs (coil spring) more flexible or more rigid than the standard.

In case you select chrome for ‘switch’ and / or cable extension, we pay the tax for you!

installation guide CDC.pdf installation guide CDC.pdf
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